Product quality

As we are situated in the French wine region of protected designation “Faugères”, we mainly work with wine and grape marc (organic quality, certified or not). We know the winemakers and their way of working personally: who plays music to their wine, who lets their sheep do the pre-pruning, who collects all sick leaves by hand and who doesn’t want to be certified organic because the quality standards of the label are to low for their demands.
The same goes for the other ingredients: it’s mainly our friends who pick the juniper berries and wild herbs or who supply the Verbena. This way we ensure the high quality of our products and avoid nasty surprises that sometimes come with anonymous market relations. Our cooperating partners share our vision of high product quality and environmentally friendly and healthy production. So, if a product is not certified organic, the quality will still be the same as or higher than the EU-label.


Our products are vegan, since neither the raw material (mostly wine) has been treated with animal products (organic certification allows for this, but we distill natural wine), nor do we use animal stuffs.
But how can a wine or a spirit be not vegan? Well, it helps to know that there is a long list of animal products that are allowed for stabilisation, clarification and filtration: cow’s blood, egg white, fish bladder, gelatine, milk...

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Cows in the vineyard of the Domaine Barral – Photo ©Thomas Gendre

For those orthodox vegans: it is sincere to say that some of the winemakers we cooperate with have animals (cows, pigs, sheep, horses) work on their vineyards. Since these creatures have a real easy life, it doesn’t trouble us.


To make it short: we distill that which grows around us. There is hardly an ingredient that travels more than 200km before entering into our still. But even the rest comes from the region: the cartons, the bottles – okay, the gas is from Algeria. The better, because we oppose the drilling for shale gas! And the plan to gasify our organic waste (which feeds our compost at the moment) is already in the pipeline :-) for the time when we have the means...
Languedoc-Roussillon is a terrain of great diversity that we are far from having fully discovered: ace!

If you are interested in knowing who trusts us to distill the fruit of their labour, here is a non-exhaustive enumeration of our cooperating partners.

Biodynamic experiments

Given the fact that a lot of our cooperation partners work using biodynamic methods, we’ve been asking ourselves what this could mean in the world of spirits. We are still in an experimental phase regarding the energising and the following of the moon calendar. But we already have some nice results concerning taste: the same marc had a more floral or a more mineral taste depending on whether it was distilled on a flower or a roots day. We don’t know yet what all this will lead to, but the experiments are beautiful, fun and worth the effort.


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  • Bamboche 2021
    Fair for Natural Wine and other good things

    Sunday Mai 23rd 2021 at Chateau Haut Fabrègues, Cabrerolles near Faugères (Hérault, France)

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