July 9.: Fête de Grand St Jean in Faugères The alleys of medieval Faugères will host this festival of Faugères winemakers (and their humble distillery...)

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L’Atelier du Bouilleur will offer you the occasion to dive into the ancient methods of distilling with a a show distillation using an antique double distillation pot still.

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Numerous local craft producers and artists will show the art of their metier in a rich programme of different shows including street musiciens and theatre to accompany the tasting of Faugères delicious wines.

More info will soon be available here http://www.faugeres.com


  • Faugères invites you
    19 & 20.06.: 40 years of Cru Faugères

    The Faugères syndicate celebrates its 40th anniversary

  • 2nd Natural Booze Fair, near Lyon
    Whitsuntide 2022 @ Quartier Metisseur in Lamure-sur-Azergues

    Saturday open for all with talk, concert, bar and snacks
    Sunday professionals only, inlcuding Masterclass

  • Distillation booked out
    we are booked out all summer

    We have no free capacities for distillation until October