We are attacking our 5th year ! Following our 4th anniversary, we have some news for you.

Since the first of April 2018, L’Atelier du Bouilleur is four years old.

As you all may have noticed, it wasn’t easy : we were n the brink of closing in autumn due to difficulties on several levels.

So, we celebrate our anniverary and yay to survival !

And, we have news to announce :

1. We will start a cooperation agreement with the friendly owner of the place which hosts us : UDM - L’Union des distillieries de la Méditerranée. In this context, we will buy a new alambic to be more efficient and relaxed at work. Stay tuned for news !

2. After having been controlled by ’Fraud Prevention’, we will re-invent all the labelling of our products. The fraud people did not like several aspects, including the famous denomination of the « Gin », which must no longer be a Gin thanks to a new EU-regulation, because it is not made on the basis of ethyl alcohol at 96 % - thanks Europe and the « dgccrf » which so eagerly protects consumers from all those serious labelling frauds committed by small craft producers...!

3. The latter is one of the reasons for our involvement in creating a trade union around artisanal distilleries. Customs, fraud, etc, we’ve had enough of all these bureaucracies that do nothing against big industry of which everyone knows that they fraud, cheat, pollute and destroy constantly, but crush small artisanal producers for stupid details. So we are going to defend ourselves together and unite so that the revival of craft distillation will boost with positive vibes and strength !
Meeting at Pentecost, for more details, please contact us by e-mail. Communication(a)atelier-du-bouilleur.fr

4. On this occasion, we are going to get together with other bio-natural distillers in order to put down what « natural spirits » means to us, basing on the work on that of our comrades from the Natural Wine movement. (see also other post here on FB)
If you share our ideas or interested in this, contact us by e-mail.

5. New importer in Germany : with La Vincaillerie in Cologne and Andi Zühlke in Hamburg, in Berlin Pierre Lejeune of « Des Quilles à Berlin » has started distributing our spirits. Welcome to the club, Pierre ! Hooray ! Others will follow soon...


    pas de disponibilités avant Octobre

    Nous sommes complêts pour la distillation à façon

  • Bamboche 2021
    Salon de Vins Vivants et autres bonnes choses

    Dimanche 23 Mai 2021 à Chateau Haut Fabrègues, Cabrerolles dans le Faugèrois (34)

  • Gin & Curry Masterclass
    4. Septembre, chez nous

    Cuisine indienne rencontre spiritueux languedocienne, live devant vous.

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    Survival Pack AdB

    « Fine Coronaire » : eau-de-vie de vin viellie en barrique, assemblage spécial confinement Covid-19.
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