Our spirits

The south of France – everybody’s dream: the sun, the flavours, good food and wine, tranquility and the good life... a full summary of what we fill our bottles with and present to you here.
The spirit of southern France, in the direct sense of the word.

All our spirits are handmade in local, collective and vegan production and “natural”. A more detailed description of the quality of our products can be found here or in the “Natural Booze Manifesto”.
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Caution, natural ingredients! Light variations of taste and look from batch to batch are possible and normal.


Accessible spirits: easy to drink, good value – but high quality.

Vermouth red extra dry
dark red and super dry

19,6 % Vol. | 50cl
Vin naturel rouge de Frédéric Brouca, Domaine Champs Pentus, Faugères, muté avec sa propre eau de vie, aromatisé aux herbes dont armoise, absinthe, calamenthe, menthe, romarin et sauge et aux oranges amères

29.00 €

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Extraction of apricot pits in wine spirit

There’s a beautifull little apricot tree greeting you when you enter the distillery. We keep the pits, dry them and macerate them in wine spirit.
Since we don’t like sugar, we add just a couple of stevia leaves to make it a little sweeter than usual. So this Amaretto is not a liqueur loaded with sugar, but lightand fresh, strongly expressing the taste of the apricot pit.
The nose reminds of hyacinth and marzipan, of course. The later is well present in the pallate, too, where it is accompanied by notes of roasted peanuts, overripe melon, kaki, medlar and a hint of clove. The colour is a light transparent yellow.

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Cherry Brandy based on Grape Marc Spirit

0,5L | 27,10%
Wild harvest of different varieties of cherries on abandoned orchards in the Orb valley, macerated during several months in pomace brandy.

39.00 €

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Marc de Grenache
Marc of Grenache grapes

A typical distilled marc. You will feel a strong presence of the Grenache grapes’ frutiy character. Amateurs of Gewurztraminer will apreciate Le Marc (de Grenache). 50cl [ 40% (...)

39.00 €

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Distillation of fresh Juniper Berries on Wine Spirit

Fresh Juniper Berries, dried raspberries, clematite and fals pepper tree blossoms distilled on wine spirit
42% Vol. | 50cl

39.00 €

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The Classics

Full of flavour from the Languedoc.

Distillation of Aspic Lavender on Wine Spirit

Lavande will infatuate you with its gently tangy nose of lemon thyme, rosemary and bare soil – the scent of the garrigue after a shower of rain, when the sun comes back out.
This aromatic (...)

45.00 €

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Maceration of Sweet Vernal Grass on Wine Spirit

Traditionally, Buffalo Gras like Sweet Vernal Grass is used to flavour vodka. It’s the herb that gives hay its typical intensive smell. We go out to the mountains to collect it on pastures and fields and macerate it in wine spirit. After some experimenting we have found a balanced herbal flavour and pleasing reed greenish colour.

Like us, you will adore its subtle taste of fresh hey, gingerbread, marzipan, cinnamon and candied lemon that rests in your mouth for quite a while and goes down well as aperitif with (...)

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Maceration of Lemon Verbena on Grape Marc Spirit

Maceration of Lemon Verbena on Grape Marc Spirit
42% Vol. | 50cl

45.00 €

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Top Range

Spirits of supreme quality or rare occasions.

Le Printemps
Maceration of Sweet Woodruff from the Pyrenees on Grape Marc

Springtime – le printemps in French – is when nature comes back to life and the air is full scented by an abundance of flowers; young herbs shine in luminous green.

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Fine Faugères 2010
Brandy G.I.

Batch 2010 from Jean Luc Saur, Chateau Haut Fabrègues.
After a minimum of 5 years of maturation (this batch:10 years) in an oak barrel, distilled wine becomes the brandy of protected designation (...)

55.00 €

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Limited Editions

These spirits are the result of unique occasions.

Marc Mas Angel
Pomace brandy of red grapes from Domaine Mas Angel (Alexandre Durand)

Classic pomace brandy of red grapes from Faugères with flavours of red berry jelly. Fruity, fatty, strong and yet mild.
50cl | 40%

39.00 €

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La Réserve

We still have a few bottles of the fantastic spirits manufactured by our predecessor Matthieu Frécon.

Marc de Grenache Vielle Réserve
grape marc spirit 100% Grenache, 10 years of glas aging

Having been distilled by Mathieu Frécon more than 10 years ago, this grape marc spirit has spent a lot of time in glas containers to smooth down. It is unbelievably round in the palate and has a (...)

45.00 €

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