Accessible spirits : easy to drink, good value – but high quality.

  • Amaretto Extraction of apricot pits in wine spirit

    There’s a beautiful little apricot tree greeting you at the gate of the distillery. We eat the fruit and keep the pits, dry them and macerate them in wine spirit. This is how the first AdB Amaretto is born.
    Since we don’t like sugar, we add just a couple of stevia leaves to make it a little sweeter than usual. So this Amaretto is not a liqueur loaded with sugar, but lightand fresh, strongly expressing the taste of the apricot pit.

    The nose reminds of hyacinth and marzipan, of course. The later is well present in the pallate, too, where it is accompanied by notes of roasted peanuts, overripe melon, kaki, medlar and a hint of clove. The colour is a light transparent yellow.
    50cl | 37% Vol

  • Cerise Maceration of Cherries in Grape Marc Spirit


    • wild harvest of different varieties of cherries on abandoned orchards in the Orb valley
    • grape pomace brandy
    • approximately 6 months of maceration with pits
    • « Ceci n’est pas un Guignolet ! » (EU-regulation prohibits the use of the term "Guignolet" for craft distillates).

    tasting notes

    • very fruity with strong cherry taste
    • hints of marzipan and almond
    • reminds of an old barrel aged brandy, sweet Sherry or Porto
    • mild and sweet like a dessert wine (and without added sugar !)


    • vanilla desserts
    • chocolate cake
    • soft strong cheese like Camembert or Brie
    • for cocktails of course ! We like it with a mild citrusy tonic or craft lemonade.

    50cl | 16,5%

  • Marc de Grenache Marc of Grenache grapes

    A typical distilled marc. You will feel a strong presence of the Grenache grapes’ frutiy character. Amateurs of Gewurztraminer will apreciate Le Marc (de Grenache). 50cl [ 40% Vol

  • Gn Distillation of fresh Juniper Berries on Wine Spirit

    Distillation of fresh Juniper Berries on Wine Spirit

    • mixture of ripe and unripe fresh juniper berries from the mountains and hills in Languedoc
    • foraged and home grown herbs and fruits
    • macerated and redistilled in wine spirit made from different natural/untreated local red wines
    • ”This is not a Gin“ (EU regulation prohibits the use of the term Gin for craft juniper distillates)

    Tasting notes
    • full blown juniper nose
    • beautiful harmony of fruity wine and spicy flavours of juniper and Garrigue herbs
    • gentle and soft
    • complex structure in the palate thanks to the wine spirit
    • loved even by those who „don’t like Gin“

    40% Vol. | 50cl


    pas de disponibilités avant Octobre

    Nous sommes complêts pour la distillation à façon

  • Bamboche 2021
    Salon de Vins Vivants et autres bonnes choses

    Dimanche 23 Mai 2021 à Chateau Haut Fabrègues, Cabrerolles dans le Faugèrois (34)

  • Gin & Curry Masterclass
    4. Septembre, chez nous

    Cuisine indienne rencontre spiritueux languedocienne, live devant vous.

  • Offre spécial Confinement Covid-19
    Survival Pack AdB

    « Fine Coronaire » : eau-de-vie de vin viellie en barrique, assemblage spécial confinement Covid-19.
    50cl, 39% Vol.
    + offert un flacon de 33cl de Liquide artisanal désinfectant main (72% Vol)
    + offert un petit bouquet de Thym.

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