Gn Distillation of fresh Juniper Berries on Wine Spirit

• fresh juniper berries from the mountains and hills in Languedoc
• dried raspberries from the Massif Central
• foraged blossoms from the false pepper tree and wild clematite
• macerated and redistilled in wine spirit made from different natural/untreated local red wines
• does not contain industrial neutral alcohol

Tasting notes
• full blown juniper nose
• beautiful harmony of fruity wine and spicy flavours of juniper and Garrigue herbs
• gentle and soft
• complex structure in the palate thanks to the wine spirit
• to drink like a Gin (EU regulation demands neutrel ethyl alcohol for the production of Gin, that’s the only difference)
• loved even by those who „don’t like Gin“

42% Vol. | 50cl


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    Whitsuntide 2022 @ Quartier Metisseur in Lamure-sur-Azergues

    Saturday open for all with talk, concert, bar and snacks
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  • Distillation booked out
    we are booked out all summer

    We have no free capacities for distillation until October

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