Limited Editions

These spirits are the result of unique occasions.

  • Flouve Graine Sauvage Sweet vernal grass macerated in Marc Graine Sauvage

    Macerated with just one stem in the bottle, the herbal and vanilla tones of the grass harmonise well with the gentle fruitiness of the pomace. Once again, the herb expands the taste on the pallate nut stays discretely in the background.
    50cl | 44cl

  • Marc Graine Sauvage Pomace brandy from white grapes from Domaine La Graine Sauvage

    Hints of vanilla and summer fruits like peach and exotic fruits like litchi and pineapple. Extraordinary. Soft, subtle, silky.
    50cl | 44%

  • Flouve Mas Angel Sweet Vernal Grass macerated in Mas Angel pomace brandy

    The Sweet Vernal Grass gives hay its typical scent. Macerating just one stem in the bottle will extend the pomace brandy’s taste in you mouth while the grassy flavour stays discretely behind its fruity expression. Great find for pomace lovers.
    50cl | 40%

  • Marc Mas Angel Pomace brandy of red grapes from Domaine Mas Angel (Alexandre Durand)

    Classic pomace brandy of red grapes from Faugères with flavours of red berry jelly. Fruity, fatty, strong and yet mild.
    50cl | 40%


  • Offre spécial Confinement Covid-19
    Survival Pack AdB

    «Fine Coronaire»: eau-de-vie de vin viellie en barrique, assemblage spécial confinement Covid-19.
    50cl, 39% Vol.
    + offert un flacon de 33cl de Liquide artisanal désinfectant main (72% Vol)
    + offert un petit bouquet de Thym.

  • Next occasion to meet up with Adb

    Your next chance to meet us and the Natural Booze Movement is another…
    PREMIERE: “Natural Booze” space at the fair «Levée de la Loire» (3./4. February, Angers, France)
    The first weekend of February is always a busy moment in the Loire valley. This time, the fair for organic Loire wines and (...)

  • End of the year break
    we remain closed from 09.12. to 05.01.

    ‼️ Strike, holidays, recovery from the marc-athon and renovation works: the distillery remains closed to the public starting this Monday december 9th until the 5th of january. We will re-open for the “Fine Faugères” season.
    We wish everyone a succesfull strike ✊ 💥 ! Let’s change the world, it needs (...)

  • LAVANDE AdB in the Whisky Mag
    good tasting notes – we like that they like it!

    The French «Whisky Magazine»has tasted ourLavander Spirit and loved it: