The Classics

Full of flavour from the Languedoc.

  • Lavande Distillation of Aspic Lavender on Wine Spirit

    Lavande will infatuate you with its gently tangy nose of lemon thyme, rosemary and bare soil – the scent of the garrigue after a shower of rain, when the sun comes back out.
    This aromatic freshness is affirmed in the Middle Palate, a rapid follow up of licorice, blossom honey and pipe tobacco. It will leave you with a finish of chocolate candy and a subtle vodka feeling in your nose.
    Lavodka takes us out dancing or accompanies a Japanese meal.

    50cl | 40% Vol

  • Flouve Maceration of Sweet Vernal Grass on Wine Spirit

    +++temporarily sold out+++

    Traditionally, Buffalo Gras is used to flavour vodka. It’s the herb that gives hay its typical intensive smell. We go out to the mountains to collect it on pastures and fields and macerate it in wine spirit.

    Like us, you will adore its subtle taste of fresh hey, gingerbread, marzipan, cinnamon and candied lemon that rests in your mouth for quite a while and goes down well as aperitif with lacto-fermented vegetables.
    On the rocks or a salty brined olive it will loose its juvenile edge.

    Best mixed with cloudy apple juice for a great party drink.
    50cl | 40% vol.

  • Verveine Maceration of Lemon Verbena on Grape Marc Spirit

    Maceration of Lemon Verbena on Grape Marc Spirit
    • fresh Lemon Verbena from our garden
    • grape marc from Domaine Pechigo (Aude)
    • ”The 42% herbal infusion“

    Tasting notes
    • dark green colour
    • nose reminding of Genepi
    • powerful grape marc sensation that clears the mouth
    • bitter notes in the beginning that will help digestion
    • refreshing lemony aftertaste
    • impression of mountain herb infusion
    • natural sweet taste, no sugar added

    • excellent digestif
    • infusing baba cake or apple strudel
    • with grilled chicken
    • mixed with dry tonic
    50cl | 42%


  • Faugères invite
    19 & 20.06. : 40 ans du Cru Faugères

    Pour son 40e anniversaire le syndicat de l’appelation vous invite

    pas de disponibilités avant Octobre

    Nous sommes complêts pour la distillation à façon

  • Bamboche 2021
    Salon de Vins Vivants et autres bonnes choses

    Dimanche 23 Mai 2021 à Chateau Haut Fabrègues, Cabrerolles dans le Faugèrois (34)