Amaretto Extraction of apricot pits in wine spirit

There’s a beautifull little apricot tree greeting you when you enter the distillery. When we’re eating his fruits, we keep the pits, dry them and macerate them in wine spirit. This is how the first AdB Amaretto is born. There’s only as much as our tree produces, so the batch is super small.

Since we don’t like sugar, we add just a couple of stevia leaves to make it a little sweeter than usual. So this Amaretto is not a liqueur loaded with sugar, but lightand fresh, strongly expressing the taste of the apricot pit.

The nose reminds of hyacinth and marzipan, of course. The later is well present in the pallate, too, where it is accompanied by notes of roasted peanuts, overripe melon, kaki, medlar and a hint of clove. The colour is a light transparent yellow.

You can drink it pure, use it in cocktails or make tiramisu and other pastries with it. Or you spray it on savoury dishes to give them a fresh and surprising finish.