Cerise Maceration of Cherries in Grape Marc Spirit


  • wild harvest of different varieties of cherries on abandoned orchards in the Orb valley
  • pomace brandy made from « L’absurde Génie des Fleurs »’s grape pomace
  • approximately 6 months of maceration with pits
  • « Ceci n’est pas un Guignolet ! » (EU-regulation prohibits the use of the term "Guignolet" for craft distillates).

tasting notes

  • very fruity with strong cherry taste
  • hints of marzipan and almond
  • reminds of an old barrel aged brandy, sweet Sherry or Porto
  • mild and sweet like a dessert wine (and without added sugar !)


  • vanilla desserts
  • chocolate cake
  • soft strong cheese like Camembert or Brie
  • for cocktails of course ! We like it with a mild citrusy tonic or craft lemonade.

50cl | 27%