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Spirits of supreme quality or rare occasions.

  • Le Printemps : Support in bottles Maceration of Sweet Woodruff from the Pyrenees on Grape Marc

    Springtime – le printemps in French – is when nature comes back to life and the air is full scented by an abundance of flowers ; young herbs shine in luminous green.
    On long spring hikes at the foot of the Pyrenees we picked the wild Sweet Woodruff and then macerated it in selected grape marc spirit.
    Sweet notes combine honey, nectar and melons and are gently accompanied by green flavours of wild cucumber and Aloe Vera. The gramineous nose is seductive.
    We like to savour Le Printemps as aperitif with green olives, strawberries or red forest berries, or simply on the rocks. We advise you to not blend it with sweetened soft-drinks or citrus fruit, but adding a little sparkling water to it will give it a Spritzer effect. Mixing it with half dry sparkling wine (we prefer Blanquette de Limoux) gives you a perfect drink for aperitif.
    Contains coumarine.

    50cl | 40% vol.

  • Fine Faugères 2008 Brandy G.I.

    After a minimum of 5 years of maturation (this batch:10 years) in an oak barrel, distilled wine becomes the brandy of protected designation of origin, “Fine Faugères”. Once famed as “France’s third brandy”, production had ceased some decades ago until it was resumed at the beginning of the new millennium. Today we are the only distillery producing this Fine for the winemakers of Faugères. Each year we chose one of their wines to make our own vintage barrel.
    Grape variety (Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Cinsault), the schistic terroir, distillation and the choice of the barrel are the elements that together create the characteristic sweet notes of fruit, vanilla and dries raisins that remind many rather of Rum than of brandy. Its uniqueness lies in the velvety softness and length of its taste.
    We enjoy it with sweet dishes like grilled pineapple or almond cake, but it also accompanies perfectly a good stong black coffee – or the finish of your day.
    By the way : an expert on Napoleon told us that the inventary of the wine and spirits cellar of Napoleon’s first wife Josephine lists a "Fine Faugères".

    50cl | 43 % Vol.


  • Fermeture de la fin d’année
    du 09.12. au 05.01.

    ‼️ Grêve, vacances, repos du marc-athon, remise en état du lieu : La distillerie reste FERMÉE au public dès ce lundi 9 décembre jusqu’au 5 janvier date laquelle marque l’ouverture de la campagne « Fine Faugères ».
    Bonne grêve à tou.te.s ✊ 💥 ! Changons le monde il en a besoin (Berthold Brecht).
    Bonne fêtes (...)

  • LAVANDE AdB dans le Whisky Mag
    Bonnes notes de dégustation – ça plaît !

    Le « Whisky Magazine » à goûté notre Esprit de Lavande et a aimé :

  • Dégustation avec Établissement Moots (Paris)
    Lundi 28 Octobre 11-18h @ Hôtel le Grand Amour,

    Dégustation avec la participation du collective « gouttes à goûts » distribution de gnôles naturelles (AdB, Coeur de Cuivre et Distillerie Baptiste)