Le Printemps : Support in bottles Maceration of Sweet Woodruff from the Pyrenees on Grape Marc

Springtime – le printemps in French – is when nature comes back to life and the air is full scented by an abundance of flowers ; young herbs shine in luminous green.
When we wanted to create a product to support the continuation of our activity despite the difficult times we’ve been having at the distillery, we wanted to really invent something new to show what we would be capable of if we had even better conditions. So we accepted the challenge to unite a tradition from the north with the best nature offers us on the Mediterranean coast. The combination of Sweet Woodruff and the grape varieties of Grenache, Syrah and Roussane was daring but proved to be a revelation. On long spring hikes at the foot of the Pyrenees we picked the wild Sweet Woodruff. Then we distilled, macerated, energised, diluted and bottled, following the biodynamic moon calendar from the beginning.

Sweet notes combine honey, nectar and melons and are gently accompanied by green flavours of wild cucumber and Aloe Vera. The gramineous nose is seductive.
We like to savour Le Printemps as aperitif with green olives, strawberries or red forest berries, or simply on the rocks. We advise you to not blend it with sweetened soft-drinks or citrus fruit, but adding a little sparkling water to it will give it a Spritzer effect. Mixing it with half dry sparkling wine (we prefer Blanquette de Limoux) gives you a perfect drink for aperitif.
Contains coumarine.

50cl 40% vol.


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